250ml Raw Milk Kefir

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    Please note: The kefir may not always be available as it is made to order and we require atleast 48 hours notice before delivery. The fermentation process can be upto 24 hours hence why we need the notice. 

    What is Kefir?

    Kefir is a fermented yeast and bacterial milk drink. It is made using kefir grains and our raw milk.

    Below is a link to a website that goes into more detail about the benefits:




    You can pay on delivery using cash or card (we accept most cards and there are no fees). You can pay via bank transfer after delivery as we will leave the bank details with you.  

    We are currently not taking payment through the website when you place the order for 2 reasons:

    1) Charges are too high and if we did we wouldn't be able to offer the value we do. We want customers too get quality produce at affordable prices


    2) We are confident that all the produce we sell is of superior quality to supermarkets and we think you should be able to see it before you pay for it. If theres something you don't like the look of we can just take it away and theres no messing around with refunds. 


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